Notice regarding ATIA Series

Please note there is an inaccuracy in the Yr6 male physical development diagram in the ATIA series published prior to 2004. Please contact us for more information. Books published after 2004 are not affected.

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Good Morning and welcome to All that I am, the resource for primary and secondary school teachers focusing on personal, social and spiritual education now in use in schools across the UK.

There are 5 sessions to the programme covering all primary and secondary teachers as detailed below. Select a session to find out more information and key objectives.

All that I am
Key Stage 2

Using 5 episodes (Individual, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual), this Year 5 session aims to both augment pupil's understanding of their physical and emotional development and promote ways in which young people can examine stereotypes of masculine and feminine behaviour.

All that I am - The Road Ahead,
Key Stage 2

This session builds on the Year 5 resource wuth the purpose of providing further and more detailed accurate information about pupils' human and physical development.

Where I am
Key Stage 3

Where I am examines the journey of transition from childhood, through adolescence towards adulthood, as young people encounter a bewildering array of new experiences.

How I am
Key Stage 4

This aims to help young people on their personal journey towards wholeness and integrity, so that they are able to live happy and authentic lives.

Who I am
Key Stage 5

The final session in the programme enables students to assimilate and apply the principles of authentic Christian living to themselves and contemporary society.