From the Diocesan Department of Religious Education

All that I am - Key Stage 3

The third session in the programme covers the tranisition from childhood, through adolescence towards adulthood. It discusses the bewildering array of new experiences a young person will encounter.

The session addresses the important connection between an understanding of the development of emotional and physical chnages that happen throughout adolescence and what these mean in terms of the human person and the common good. The aim of this project is to help young people on their personal journey towards wholeness and integrity. We want them to be able to live happy, authentic lives.

Each of the episodes and support materials address specific learning objectives:

Episode 1 - Love needs friendship
Pupils will learn:

Episode 2 - Love needs family
Pupils will learn:

Episode 3 - Love overcomes loss
Pupils will learn:

Episode 4 - Love needs love's expression
Pupils will learn:

Where I am outlines the choices young people make for personal happiness. Recent research by Robert J. Spitzer and colleagues has provided us with a tool for interpreting the search for happiness in a modern society which can be easily understood and applied to the lives of adolescents. Spitzer indentified four levels of happiness, reflecting not only what moves us in our hearts and souls but also the ideals towards which we aspire

The four levels of happiness, as described in more detail in Where I am are:

  • Level 1 - Immediate gratification
  • Level 2 - Ego gratification
  • Level 3 - Good beyond self
  • Level 4 - Ultimate good

life is a journey, full of important choices"