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In Summary

All that I am - Key Stage 2 for Year 5 teachers includes video episodes on VHS or DVD, 40 page teacher resource booklet with 14 resource sheets and teacher support booklet.

All that I am - Key Stage 2 for Year 5 teachers

The first session contains five episodes in video form with accompanying support materials for teachers. Each of the episodes and support materials address specific learning objectives:

Episode 1 - Individual
Pupils will learn:

Episode 2 - Physical
Pupils will learn:

This episode will be built on in Year 6 when male physical development

Episode 3 - Social
Pupils will learn:

Episode 4 - Emotional
Pupils will learn:

Episode 5 - Spiritual
Pupils will learn:

The video and teacher support material aims to help augment pupils' understanding of their physical and emotional development and promote ways in which young people can examine contemporary stereotypes of masculine and feminine behaviour and assume responsibility for their actions.

life is a journey, full of important choices"